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Dinah Jayes

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171020 Dinah Jayes poster171020 Dinah Jayes poster

Shrewsbury Open Photographic Exhibition 2017

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Rosemary Buckett had her images "Checking The Luggage" and "Saying Goodbye" accepted at the 2017 Shrewsbury Open Photographic Exhibition


"Checking The Luggage""Checking The Luggage"

"Saying Goodbye""Saying Goodbye"

From the Competition Secretary

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A message from Competition Secretary Roger Pringle:


"The result of the  Print Plaque 2017 Competition for 4 prints , together showing the photographers skill and versatility was:

1 - Steve Rappitt  (Lost in Thought, The Clue Is In The Title, In Need Of Restoration, Female Kingfisher With Prey)

2 - Rosemary Buckett (Inside The Steelworks, Left Behind, Stained Potty, Saying Goodbye)

3 - Derek Buckett (It's Got To Feel Right, Her Domain, The Old Writing Desk, Passing Trains)


The result of the Print Trio 2017 competition for 3 prints which together   make up a panel based on a single theme was:-

1 - Steve Rappitt (Gannets)

2 - Derek Buckett (Wheels And Axles)

3 - Rosemary Buckett (Portraying Emotion)


Congratulations to these members on cleaning up the comptitions between the 3 of them.


For any of you that missed the announcement at the meeting last week, we came second in our DPI battle with Rushden by just 6 points (25 images per side) with a score of 443 to Rushden's 449.

Marks obtained by DRPS members were:

Peter Alvey                After The Gym                18

                                   Happy                             17

                                   Surgeon                          17

Trevor Rudkin            Autumn Palette               17

                                   Dahlia                             20  

                                  The Swan Of Tuonela     19

Roger Pringle             Black Tailed Godwit        17

                                   Evening At Malham        17

                                   Preparing For The

                                   First Run                         18

Derek Buckett            Buccaneer                       17

                                   Passing Trains                17

John Lawrence          Cornish Sunset                17

                                  Girl On A Train                 18

                                   Walk By The Seine          17

Angela Lloyd              Hand Eye Co-Ordination  20 

Steve Rappitt             Impatient To Depart          19

                                    Nuthatch Calling              16

                                   The Leading Riders          17

Rosemary Buckett      Knotted Scarf                   17

                                    Saying Goodbye              19

                                    Sleet And Snow               19

Marc Edwards             Lloyd's Enigma                 17

Andy Moss                  Puffin                                17

                                    The Jostle                         20   

Philip Gott                   Winter Kite Surfer             16


Thanks to everybody who allowed us to use their pictures."

Peter Preece

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Peter Preece of Solihull Photographic Society acknowledges his debt to the late Felix Dennis, the man behind The Heart Of England Forest Project. Peter has been actively involved in developing the forest to maximise wildlife diversity and to provide opportunities for wildlife photography. His fabulous photographs of kingfishers, red squirrels, owls and many other native birds, mammals, insects and reptiles are the result of, in his words, “90% preparation and 10% execution”. His images have brought him success in many exhibitions and competitions, including appearances in the BBC Countryfile calendar. His pictures are commercially successful, and he is much in demand as a speaker to various clubs and societies. On Friday 29th September members of the Desborough And Rothwell Photographic Society were privileged to have Peter and his wife Margaret present a selection of their work and the stories behind them. Chairman Paul Nickerson thanked them both for a wonderful evening of great natural history photography.


On Friday 6th October there will be a showing of the 2017 MCPF Photofolio at 8.00pm in Marlow House, Desborough NN14 2NQ

On Friday 13th October the annual Print Panel and Print Trio competitions take place, judged by Peter Yeo FRPS, again at Marlow House. This will start at 7.30pm

Dinah Jayes presents “A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That” at Marlow House on Friday 20th October at 8.00pm

Visitors are welcome to these events. Admission £2.00

More exhibition success for Rosemary Buckett

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Rosemary Buckett had four colour projected images accepted in the 2017 Northern Counties' Photographic Federation Exhibition, namely "Checking The Luggage", "Knotted Scarf", "Saying Goodbye" and "The Stained Potty"

"Checking The Luggage""Checking The Luggage"




"Saying Goodbye""Saying Goodbye"



SIEP 2017 (Photographic Exhibition Of Australia)

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Derek and Rosemary Buckett have recently had success in SIEP 2017 (Photographic Exhibition of Australia). In the Open Colour DPI section Derek's "The Gamekeeper And The Squire" and Rosemary's "Checking The Luggage" were accepted. In the Open Monochrome DPI section Derek's "And Lots Of Love And Kisses" was accepted along with Rosemary's "Chance Meeting"


"The Gamekeeper And The Squire""The Gamekeeper And The Squire"


"Checking The Luggage""Checking The Luggage"


"And Lots Of Love And Kisses""And Lots Of Love And Kisses"

"Chance Meeting""Chance Meeting"


Chairman's Evening

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The Desborough And Rothwell Photographic Society returned from its summer break on Friday 8th September with the traditional Chairman’s Evening. Current chairman Paul Nickerson brought along a selection of cameras and photographic equipment that he has used in his photography, starting with the classic Box Brownie inherited from his parents to the modern DSLR and lenses he uses today. He moved on to showing some of his early black and white prints taken from film. He then brought the proceedings up to date with some recent colour prints taken at venues associated with the classic TV series “Dad’s Army”, a particular interest of his. Following the break Paul introduced a light-hearted photographic quiz which caused a little head-scratching and a lot of laughter – a good way to start the second part of the photographic year at the club.


On Friday 22nd September there is a showing of the 2017 Rushden Open Exhibition at 8.00pm in Marlow House, Desborough NN14 2NQ

Friday 29th September brings well-known photographer Dinah Jayes to Marlow House for her talk “A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That”, also at 8.00pm

Friday 6th October will feature a showing of the MCPF 2017 Travelling Photofolio, again at 8.00pm in Marlow House, Desborough

Visitors are welcome to these events. Admission £2.00

Welsh International Exhibition 2017

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Acceptances in the recent 2017 Welsh International Exhibition included "Pikeman Waiting" (Open Mono DPI) and "Night Racing" (Open Colour DPI) by Trevor Rudkin, "Saying Goodbye" (Open Colour DPI) by Rosemary Buckett and "The Gamekeeper And The Squire" (Open Colour DPI) by Derek Buckett

"Pikeman waiting""Pikeman waiting"


"Night Racing""Night Racing"


"Saying Goodbye""Saying Goodbye"


"The Gamekeeper And The Squire""The Gamekeeper And The Squire"