Interactive Print Discussion with Ian Pinn

March 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ian Pinn of Nottingham And Notts Photographic Society gave what he described as an "Interactive Print Talk" on Friday 24th March. He encouraged members of the Desborough And Rothwell Photographic Society to comment on his prints as he explained the background and technique adopted for each image. Not surprisingly, many members were not backward in coming forward and saying what they thought. In the vast majority of cases the comments were very positive and in praise of Ian's prints, the discussions tending to be about whether an image was better in monochrome or colour, whether it was better on a black or a white mount, or which of several paper choices suited the image the best. Ian's prints were mostly landscapes, many taken in Scotland. It seems to be a rare thing these days to have a photographic talk devoted largely to landscapes at a camera club. However Ian did also include some sport, natural history, macro and travel photographs. Chairman Paul Nickerson thanked Ian for a very interesting and relaxed evening of excellent photography.


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