More success for Rosemary

July 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Following her success in the recent Print Heat competition Rosemary Buckett has gone on to record a nearly 100% acceptance record in the 2017 Port Talbot Exhibition. Seven of her eight entries achieved high enough marks from the judges to be included in the 2017 exhibition. In the Open Colour section "Checking The Luggage", "Left On The Peg", "Saying Goodbye" and "The Stained Potty" were all accepted, as were "Hanging In The Bedroom", "Looking For Mischief" and "Stub It Out Or Buy It" in the Open Monochrome section. Trevor Rudkin's "Fiery Mustang" and Derek Buckett's "Buccaneer" were also accepted in the Open Colour section. Steve Rappitt had two acceptances in the Nature section, namely "Gannets" and "Little Egrets Fishing".










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