"Endless Skies" - a talk by Malcolm Cook of Leicester Forest Photographic Society

February 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Malcolm Cook of Leicester Forest Photographic Society has won many medals and awards in national and international photographic exhibitions. On Friday 2nd February he visited the Desborough And Rothwell Photographic Society with his latest presentation “Endless Skies”. Many of the images were landscapes taken in frosty or misty conditions, or seascapes with long exposures. Malcolm used these as examples of images that he liked, but perhaps would not be successful in gaining acceptance in exhibitions because, as he said, “anyone could have taken these”. He then went on to show how, with post-processing in Photoshop and Camera RAW, the images could be made more dramatic and personalised, and hence more likely to appeal to exhibition judges. New chairman John Spowart thanked Malcolm for a very entertaining and instructive evening.


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