Calendar 2018

All evenings start at 8pm unless otherwise marked


18 May

"Street Photography" by Stephen Williams

Prints wanted for next week

25 May

Print Heat 3 judged by Richard Storier - 7.30pm start

1 June

"Three Faces Of Italy" by Mandy Sherrington and Colin Machin (Sileby PS)

DPIs wanted for next week

4-17 June - Annual Exhibition at Bosworth's Garden Centre

8 June 

DPI Heat 3 judged by Chris Baldwin (Badby PC)

11th June - Print battle - Club Abington Photographic vs DRPS at Abington

15 June 

"Lightroom For Everyone" by Nat Coolson

22 June

"Malcolm's Meanders" by Malcolm Ranieri

Prints wanted for next week

29 June

Print Heat 4 judged by John Whitby (LFPS) - 7.30pm start

6 July

An Evening With Derek Buckett

13 July

Panels and Print Discussion Evening


                                        *** SUMMER BREAK***

7 September

Chairman's Evening

Prints wanted for next week

14 September

Print Heat 5 judged by Peter Going (Duston CC) - 7.30pm start

21 September

"Social Documentary" with John Lewis

DPIs wanted for next week

28 September

DPI Heat 4 judged by Graham Heywood

5 October

MCPF Portfolio

Slides wanted for next week

12 October

Slide Of The Year/Slide Plaque/Slide Trio - judged by club members

19 October

"Photography - Art For The Untalented" by Colin Lusby

DPIs wanted for next week

26 October

DPI Of The Year judged by Steve Dormer (Duston CC) - 7.30pm start

Print panels wanted for next week

2 November

Print Panels Competitions - 7.30pm start

9 November

"A Walk On The Wild Side" by Richard Adams

16 November

Battle with Rushden and District Photographic Society

23 November

"Two Together" by Peter and Carol Cheetham

Prints wanted for next week

30 November

Print Of The Year - 7.30pm start

7 December

Christmas Social


**** Christmas Break ****