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A selection of photos taken at D&RPS Events
Annual Meal & Presentations 2016A Tour of Stamford with Trevor Rudkin, July 2015Annual Meal & Presentations 2015Equestrian Photo Shoot August 2014Boughton House Photo Shoot July 2014Annual Meal & Presentations 2014Desborough & Rothwell Christmas Tree Festivals 2014Leicester and Leicestershire Exhibition 2014Christmas Tree Festival 2016 in DesboroughChristmas Tree Festival 2016 in Rothwell2017 Annual Meal and Trophy Presentations"2017 Exhibition Poster"2017 Exhibition at Bosworths"170915 PH5 poster TONIGHT""170915 PH5 poster"170929 Programme change"171006 MCPF Portfolio poster""171006 MCPF poster TONIGHT""171013 Print Panel Print Trio""171020 Dinah Jayes poster""171027 DPI Slide heat 5 poster""171103 SOY Poster""171110 Marc Edwards poster""171117 DPI of the Year""171124 AV evening poster""171201 POY poster""180105 Clay Cross""2018 Men v Women""2018 PAGB 2017 poster"