Desborough & Rothwell Photographic Society: Blog en-us (C) Desborough & Rothwell Photographic Society (Desborough & Rothwell Photographic Society) Tue, 14 Aug 2018 16:29:00 GMT Tue, 14 Aug 2018 16:29:00 GMT Desborough & Rothwell Photographic Society: Blog 120 120 2018 Beyond Group Exhibition In the colour section of the 2018 Beyond Group National Exhibition Steve Rappitt had his two images "Jet Ski Riders" and "Lost In Thoughts" accepted, as did Trevor Rudkin with "The Chase"


"The Chase""The Chase"

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2018 Wyvern International Salon Successes Congratulations to Derek Buckett for having five of his images accepted in the 2018 Wyvern International Salon, namely "The Gamekeeper And The Squire", "Strike A Pose", "Morning Read", Caught By The Light, Ripon Cathedral" and "Carnival Time, San Marco". Congratulations also to Rosemary Buckett for having her "Checking The Luggage", "Saying Goodbye" and "Left On The Peg" accepted.







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South Devon Salon 2018 Success at the 2018 South Devon Salon for Derek Buckett's "A Passing Chat" and Rosemary Buckett's "Chance Meeting" both being accepted.


"A Passing Chat""A Passing Chat"


"Chance Meeting""Chance Meeting"

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Winchester National Exhibition 2018 Trevor Rudkin had his "Bride With Attitude" image accepted in the People section of the 2018 Winchester National Exhibition and Rosemary Buckett had her "Emerging Through The Steam" accepted in the Pictorial section.


"A Bride With Attitude""A Bride With Attitude"


"Emerging Through The Steam""Emerging Through The Steam"

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2018 Midland Salon In the Open Monochrome section of the 2018 Midland Salon Derek Buckett had "Final Kiss" accepted, as did Trevor Rudkin with "Country Gentleman". Trevor also had "Ragged Tulips" accepted in the Open Colour section.


"Final Kiss""Final Kiss"

"Country Gentleman""Country Gentleman"


"Ragged Tulips""Ragged Tulips"OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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"Malcolm's Meanders" - Malcolm Ranieri FRPS Malcolm Ranieri FRPS is well known for his photographs of steam engines, having had many books published on the subject in addition to gaining exhibition acceptances and awards with his images. On Friday 22nd June he brought along a collection of prints to members of the Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society to illustrate his talk “Malcolm’s Meanders”. The tremendous depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience was illustrated with prints made from large format colour slides to his current work from digital files, from preserved railways in Great Britain to railways in South Africa, Cuba, USA and what was then East Germany. Although his love of steam predominated he did show his versatility with many other subjects covered, including portraiture, cars, buses, trams, sport and studio work. The talk was delivered in a light hearted and humorous manner. Chairman John Spowart thanked Malcolm for a very entertaining and informative evening of excellent photography.


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"Lightroom For Everyone" by Nat Coalson ARPS Nathaniel Coalson ARPS is an American photographer, artist and designer living in England. In addition to running photographic tours and workshops he also writes instructional books on photography. He is an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom, and on Friday 15th June 2018 he came to the Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society to give a presentation “Lightroom for Everyone”. After explaining how the Lightroom file management system worked he moved on to demonstrate the power of the computer-based software (now called “Lightroom Classic”) to batch process, develop and export images. He concluded with a brief look at Lightroom CC, which stores images in Adobe Cloud so they can be accessed anywhere that has a broadband connection, and is largely aimed at the smartphone photographer as well as the laptop user. The presentation gave a good insight to the software for those members present who have never used it and prompted many questions which Nathaniel took time to carefully answer. Even those who have used Lightroom for some time picked up many useful hints and tips. Chairman John Spowart thanked Nathaniel for a well presented and interesting talk which would hopefully encourage more members to try Lightroom.


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Three Faces of Italy Mandy Sherrington and Colin Machin of Sileby Photographic Society fell in love with Italy several years ago, and the result of their subsequent visits was a presentation entitled “Three Faces of Italy” which they gave to members of the Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society on Friday 1st June. The first part of their talk concentrated on the Apulia region of Italy, including the town of Lecce and the famous trulli houses of Alberobello. The second “Face of Italy” centred on Tuscany, including Pienza and the iconic early morning misty landscapes that region is famous for. Finally, it was the turn of Venice and the neighbouring islands including Mirano and Burano. Chairman John Spowart thanked Mandy and Colin for an excellent evening of top quality travel photography, made particularly interesting because their love of Italy is shared by many of the Society members.

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MCPF Photofolio 2018 Derek Buckett was awarded an MCPF Ribbon for his colour print "Elizabeth Montagu Monument, St Edmund's Church, Warkton" in the recent 2018 MCPF Photofolio Exhibition after scoring the maximum mark of 15. He also had "A Passing Chat" and "Strike A Pose" accepted in the Open Digital Projected Image Section. Rosemary Buckett had three prints accepted in this exhibition, "Hanging In The Corner" in the Colour Prints, and "Bargeman" and "Inside The Steelworks" in the Monochrome Prints. She also had acceptances in the Open Digital Projected Image Section, namely "Between The Pegs" and "Cycle Shop Proprietor". Trevor Rudkin also had acceptances in this section, "Makeup Check", "Temptation" and "Wood Nymph", as did Phil Gott with "Faded" and "Seeing The Light".




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"Street Photography" - Steve Williams What is street photography? Steve Williams of Kettering and District Photographic Society presented his interpretation of this genre to members of the Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society on Friday 18th May. Using relatively small cameras and a lot of bravado Steve is happy to take pictures of people anywhere at any time, his favourite haunts being the streets and public buildings of London. He was happy to pass on advice about camera equipment, techniques, locations and the law regarding this type of photography. Chairman John Spowart thanked Steve for a very informative and interesting evening.

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Fifteen Minutes of Fame 180511 15 minutes of fame180511 15 minutes of fame

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Neath and District Photographic Society Open Exhibition 2018 In the 2018 Neath and District Photographic Society's Open Exhibition Rosemary Buckett had "Checking The Luggage" and "Saying Goodbye" accepted in the Open Colour Section, and Derek Buckett had his "Strike A Pose" accepted in the Open Monochrome Section


"Checking The Luggage""Checking The Luggage"

"Saying Goodbye""Saying Goodbye"


Strike A PoseStrike A Pose




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Scottish Salon 2018 In the 2018 Scottish Salon Rosemary Buckett's "Checking The Luggage" and Derek Buckett's "The Helping Hand" were accepted in the Open Colour Section


"Checking The Luggage""Checking The Luggage"


"The Helping Hand""The Helping Hand"

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Friday 4th May - programme alteration Because of the cancellation of Tony Winfield's talk this Friday there will be a showing of the 2018 Solihull Open Exhibition

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Sydney Harbour International Exhibition 2018 Trevor Rudkin had two acceptances in the Colour Section of the 2018 Sydney Harbour International Exhibition, "Regrets" and "Trainspotting", and Rosemary Buckett had "Saying Goodbye" accepted.




"Train Spotting""Train Spotting"


"Saying Goodbye""Saying Goodbye"

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CANCELLATION: Photographic Location Location Location - Tony Winfield 180504 Tony Winfield Location Location CANCELLED180504 Tony Winfield Location Location CANCELLED

Apologies - speaker has cancelled due to health problems

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Rushden Open Exhibition 2018 Steve Rappitt has had four images accepted in the 2018 Rushden Open Exhibition, "Downpour", "Lost In Thoughts" and "Reverie" in the Colour Section, and "Nuthatch" in the Nature Section. Rosemary Buckett had "Checking The Luggage" accepted in the Colour Section, and "Assisting" in the Monochrome Section.


"Checking The Luggage""Checking The Luggage"



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2018 Print Heat 2 180427 Print heat 2 poster180427 Print heat 2 poster

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An Evening With Martin Robinson - Friday 20th April 2018 Martin Robinson DPAGB of Nuneaton Photographic Society has travelled widely in pursuit of his favourite subjects, namely landscape and wildlife. On Friday 20th April 2018 he visited the Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society to give an illustrated talk on some of his photographic adventures. He began with his visits to Iceland and the Lofoten Islands, and then to The Pantanal in Brazil in search of the wild jaguars. He concluded the evening with rare and stunning images taken at a “night hide” in South Africa, set up to capture close-up photographs of elephants, lions, zebras and the many other animals visiting the nature reserve’s waterhole. Chairman John Spowart thanked Martin for an entertaining evening of excellent photography.

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Cheltenham Salon 2018 Acceptances in the 2018 Cheltenham Salon:

Open Colour - "Checking The Luggage" and "Saying Goodbye" by Rosemary Buckett, "Passing Trains" and "The Right Away" by Derek Buckett, and "A Gentleman Of Distinction" and "Makeup Check" by Trevor Rudkin

Open Monochrome - "Inside The Steelworks" by Rosemary Buckett, "A Tender Moment" and "Strike A Pose" by Derek Buckett, and "Country Gentleman" and "Blahylur Crater Lake" by Trevor Rudkin


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