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Roger and Daniele Bradley - "Living With Photography"

February 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Photography is a wonderful hobby, but few people devote their entire house to it. On Friday 16th February Roger and Daniele Bradley from Market Harborough presented an evening of “Living with Photography”. And live with it they do. Exhibition spaces and galleries, darkroom, studio, classic camera collection, photographic book library, pinhole camera display, computers, scanners and printers, props and copy stands – a photographer’s dream and a cleaner’s nightmare. This couple have adopted photography as an art form, experimenting with old cameras, chemical processes, long exposures, panoramic and pin-hole cameras, liquid photographic emulsions, double exposures, sun prints, lithographic prints and many other techniques that their creative minds conjure up.  For display their work is often printed large, anything from A2 to two metres high. They work with models, and they themselves act as the masked figures in their “Growing Old Playfully” project which was on display at Kettering Alfred East Art Gallery last year. They also take part in the Open Studios scheme every year, providing the opportunity for the public to see a house dedicated to photography as art. Chairman John Spowart thanked Roger and Daniele for a truly fascinating and entertaining evening.

Friday 2nd March is the first heat of the Digital Projected Image competition. The judge will be Keith Long of Banbury Camera Club.

Dave Stewart from Deepings Camera Club will demonstrate the making of audio-visual presentations using Pro-Show Gold on Friday 9th March.

Friday 16th March sees something very rare in camera clubs these days – an evening devoted completely to projected slides and judged by John Hammons of Badby Camera Club.

These three events will be held at Marlow House, Gold Street, Desborough NN14 2NQ starting at 8.00pm

Visitors are welcome to these events. Admission £2.00


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