An evening of slides with Peter Butlin

October 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

When digital imaging became widely available and affordable many people predicted the death of analogue photography. Darkrooms were disbanded, film cameras were sold off or confined to the loft. Film, paper and chemical manufacturers went out of business or greatly reduced the range of available products. However, film photography did not die, and a recent upsurge of interest in alternative and early imaging processes has created a market for many items that were once thought to be no longer available. One person who never lost faith in film photography is Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society member Peter Butlin. Peter has been using slide film and his beloved Fuji camera for many years, maintaining his own path against the digital tide. On Friday 25th October he demonstrated to members of the Society why he loves his chosen medium. With a strong interest in colour, architecture and pattern Peter presented a wide range of excellent and interesting images taken in Britain and abroad. He gave some good advice about how to get the image right at the taking stage because there is no Photoshop post-processing with slide film. Looking out for distracting backgrounds, waiting for the correct light, using filters to enhance the subject, finding original viewpoints of familiar scenes – good advice, even for the most ardent digital convert. Chairman Paul Nickerson thanked Peter for a very entertaining and interesting evening.



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