"Moore and Moore Digital Prints" - Sue and Bob Moore

November 30, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Photographers of a certain age may remember, with some nostalgia, the price lists that were issued by Jessops of Hinckley Road, Leicester in the 1980s. One huge sheet of paper, very small text, seemingly distributed randomly across the paper, and requiring a magnifying glass to read some of it. A visit to the Hinckley Road store would often involve an encounter with its resident expert and trainer, Bob Moore. If you wanted technical advice on equipment or to attend a workshop on darkroom printing or some other aspect of photography Bob was there to offer it. Moving forward to the present day, Bob is still a very active and well known photographer, and he continues to pass on his knowledge and expertise to other photographers as a lecturer and judge. On Friday 29th November Bob and his wife Sue, a very successful photographer herself, gave a print talk “Moore and Moore Digital Prints” to members of the Desborough and Rothwell Photographic Society. They have travelled very widely around the world in search of photographic subjects, and they presented a collection of excellent and fascinating prints of the many people and places they have found. There was also plenty of advice on picture taking and picture making along the way, delivered in Bob’s own inimitable style. Chairman Paul Nickerson thanked Bob and Sue for a very entertaining and informative evening.



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