New - The Chairman's Challenge Trophy

March 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Our Chairman John Spowart has introduced a new competition, the Chairman's Challenge Trophy. The competition is for Digital Projected Images, and will be held on the Chairman's Evening in September. All fully paid-up members of the DRPS are invited to enter up to five images on the theme of "Architecture". The images are to be sized and titled in the same way as images for the DPI heats. It is an open competition i.e. there is no Novice, Intermediate or Advanced category.

Entries are to be sent to the Competition Secretary at least a week before the Chairman's Evening.

For its inaugural year the competition will be judged by the Chairman himself.

The author of the winning image will receive the Chairman's Challenge Trophy for one year (kindly donated to the DRPS by John) and a certificate.

The Competition Rules on this website have been updated to accommodate this new competition for the future.



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