Programme Change

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Sadly due to family illness Peter Jones is unable to give his print talk on Friday 21st June. However we have an excellent replacement who will also be giving a print talk, namely Malcolm Cook from Leicester Forest Photographic Society. We know from past experience that Malcolm's talks are always very entertaining, and we are grateful that he can step in at short notice.

Meeting cancellation

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The proposed Zoom meeting (PDI Heat 3) on Friday 14th June 2024 has been cancelled. The Heat will be rescheduled later in the year.

2024 Print Heat 2

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Judge: Barry Knott (Corby Photographic Club)


Advanced Monochrome Section

1.  "I Will Return" - Rosemary Buckett

2. "Recession" - Trevor Rudkin

3. "Embroidery Detail" - Rosemary Buckett

Highly Commended: "Determined Spectator"" - Trevor Rudkin

Commended: "Taking A Break" - Derek Buckett

Commended: "Not Amused" - Trevor Rudkin



Advanced Colour Section

1.  "Jump For Joy" - Trevor Rudkin

2. "Resting Place" - Derek Buckett

3. "Relax" - Trevor Rudkin

Highly Commended: "Clouds Form Over The Glacier" - Trevor Rudkin

Commended: "Cloudy Outside" - Rosemary Buckett

Commended: "Light And Shade" - Trevor Rudkin


Novice/Intermediate Colour Section

1. "Oops!" - Homera Wood

2. "Duddington In The Flood" - Homera Wood

3. "Passion Flower Food" - Homera Wood




2024 Projected Digital Image - Heat 2

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Judge: Roger Barker

(Wellingborough and District Photographic Society)


Advanced Section

1.  "Fur Detail" - Rosemary Buckett

2. "Separation" - Trevor Rudkin

3. "Grafar Kirkja Iceland" - Trevor Rudkin

Highly Commended: "Just Swell" - Philip Gott

Commended: "Lines and Leaves" - Peter Cottrell

Commended: "Monschau Old Town" - John Spowart


Novice/Intermediate Section

1. "The Dolomite Mountains" - Steve Tomlinson

2. "Ash" - Paul Nickerson

3. "Flying High" - Lesley Owen

Highly Commended: "Stained" - Roger Pringle

Commended: "Reflections" - Gloria Nickerson

Commended: "The Coaching Inn Olney" - Lesley Owen


2024 Print Heat 1

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Judge: Malcolm Hupman (Corby Photographic Club)


Advanced Monochrome Section

1.  "Enjoying His Hobby" - Rosemary Buckett

2. "Shape Line And Form" - Trevor Rudkin

3. "Cloud Covered Peaks" - Trevor Rudkin

Highly Commended: "Clinging On" - Derek Buckett

Commended: "Lady Of The Night" - Trevor Rudkin

Commended: "Neighbourhood Watch" - Trevor Rudkin


Novice/Intermediate Monochrome Section

"All Alone Again" - Paul Nickerson


Advanced Colour Section

1.  "Meet The Locals" - Trevor Rudkin

2. "Giving An Extra Viewing" - Rosemary Buckett

3. "Last Chance To Enter" - Rosemary Buckett

Highly Commended: "Alice" - Trevor Rudkin

Commended: "Allium Display" - Derek Buckett

Commended: "The Blue Whale" - Adrian Franklin


Novice/Intermediate Colour Section

1. "Chilling" - Homera Wood

2. "Straw Bear Festival In Whittlesey" - Homera Wood

3. "Having A Good Time" - Homera Wood




2024 Projected Digital Image - Heat 1

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Judge: David Belton ARPS


Advanced Section

1.  "Tunnel Vision" - Dorothy Rudkin

2. "Watery Sunset" - Philip Gott

3. "Fading Beauty" - Trevor Rudkin

Highly Commended: "Ready To Go" - Stuart Irons

Commended: "Bath River Scene" - Stuart Irons

Commended: "Carving Its Way To The Sea" - Trevor Rudkin


Novice/Intermediate Section

1. "Aston Martin DBR" - Adrian Franklin

2. "Canons Ashby" - Steve Tomlinson

3. "Mute Swan" - Adrian Franklin

Highly Commended: "Breath Of Fresh Air" - Homera Wood

Commended: "My Shadow" - Homera Wood

Commended: "GB3 Silverstone" - Adrian Franklin

The DRPS Committee for 2024

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Following the AGM on 19th January the committee for 2024 will be:


Chairman - Derek Buckett

Secretary - Stuart Irons

Treasurer - Roger Pringle

Programme Secretary - Stuart Irons

Committee member - Peter Cottrell

Competition Secretary:

Derek Buckett for prints

John Spowart for DPIs (or PDIs if you prefer)


Other volunteers:

Raffle - Dorothy Rudkin

Refreshments - Paul and Gloria Nickerson

MCPF Delegate - Rosemary Buckett

Webmaster - Trevor Rudkin


Jack Gilbert

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Jack Gilbert, a very talented and successful photographer, and a long-standing member of the Society, has sadly passed away at the age of 95. Condolences to his family from all DRPS members.

Digital Projected Image of the Year 2023

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The winners of the 2023 Digital Projected Image of the Year were:



Stuart Irons with "A Moment In Time"


Phil Gott with "Cosmos"


The judge was John Haddon from Lutterworth


Print of the Year 2023

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The winners of the 2023 Print Of The Year Competitions were as follows:


Intermediate Colour

"Monschau In The Rain" by John Spowart

Advanced Colour

"Tulip Bud" by Trevor Rudkin


Intermediate Monochrome

"Inside Lincoln Cathedral" by John Spowart

Advanced Monochrome

"Erica En Pointe" by Trevor Rudkin


The judge was Dave Stewart of Deepings Camera Club

Print Panel and Print Trio 2023

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The winners of the 2023 Print Panel and Print Trio Competitions were as follows:

Print Panel

Intermediate - John Spowart

Advanced - Derek Buckett

Print Trio

Intermediate - John Spowart

Advanced - Rosemary Buckett


The judge was Roger Barker of Wellingborough and District Photographic Society

Dorothy wins the 2023 Chairman's Trophy

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Dorothy Rudkin won the 2023 Chairman's Trophy with her image "Transporting The Shopping". It was selected from 38 entries by Chairman Derek Buckett who had set the theme "Transport" for this year's competition.