Updated 14th May 2022


Calendar 2022


Meetings take place on Friday evenings in the

Desborough Community Library, High Street, Desborough NN14 2QS

(or occasionally via Zoom)

Meetings are from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Doors open at 7.15pm. 


20 May

Members' Evening - 6 photos of "Monuments, Fountains and/or Statues"

27 May

"40 in the Shade to 40 Below (USA)" - a talk by Mark Kemp LRPS

This talk will be on Zoom only, not in the Library

3 June


10 June

“Composition for the Viewer” by John Lewis LRPS BA(Hons)

17 June

"A Bit Of A Catch-Up" with our own member Trevor Rudkin

24 June

Digital Projected Image Heat 4 and Print Heat 4 - Judge: Brian Pere (Duston Camera Club)

1 July

"Pleasing Myself" - a talk by Dave Stewart

8 July

Outdoor Challenge – we will visit a location where you will be asked to photograph 15 set subjects 



2 September

Members' Evening - "Wall, Gate, Fence, Window, Latch and Door" (One of each, so 6 photos per member)

9 September

Chairman's Challenge: "The Natural World"

16 September

Digital Projected Image Heat 5 and Print Heat 5 - Judge TBA

23 September

“South Africa” - a talk by Barry Knott (Corby Camera Club)

30 September

A showing of the images taken on the July Outdoor Challenge

7 October
PAGB Recorded lecture

14 October

Digital Projected Image Heat 6 and Print Heat 6 - Judge TBA

21 October

“Where I Photographed England” by Malcolm Hupman (Corby Camera Club)

28 October

Print Trio and Print Panel Competitions - Judge TBA

4 November

MCPF Photofolio

11 November

"Imagination to Image Creation" - a talk by Richard Cobby (to be confirmed)

18 November

Print of the Year Competition - Judge TBA

25 November

"Jack Of All Trades - a mish mash of images that do not fit into any specific genre" - a talk by Catherine Knee of Leicester Forest Photographic Society

A Zoom presentation, not in the Library

2 December

Christmas Social

9 December

Digital Projected Image of the Year Competition - Judge: Linda Woodward DPAGB

A Zoom presentation, not in the Library




Calendar 2023

6 January

An AV evening with Stuart Irons

13 January

Members' Evening - "Wood, Trees, Leaves" (6 photos)

20 January

Viewing of the Clay Cross National Exhibition 2021

27 January