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"Church of St. Mary Magdalene" by Pat Rockett"Geddington Church At Night" by Roger Pringle"Geddington Church by Night" by John Spowart"Between The Posts" by Trevor Rudkin"Eleanor Cross" by Mick Rockett"Geddington 1" by Dorothy Rudkin"Eleanor Cross Geddington" by John Spowart"Nightscene" by Pat Rockett"Geddington Cross At Night"  by Roger Pringle"The Ford" by Trevor Rudkin"Meet at the Cross" by Mick Rockett"Geddington 2" by Dorothy Rudkin"Please Use The Other Gate" by Pat Rockett"Geddington Ford At Night" by Roger Pringle"Home Sweet Home" by Trevor Rudkin"Geddington 3" by Dorothy Rudkin"Life Saver" by Trevor Rudkin"Night Shadows" by Trevor Rudkin"The Cross" by Trevor Rudkin